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Focussing On RJK's Antiquities and Select Limited-Edition Projects
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PPP will not be producing CDs of its products in the near future. But in keeping with this project's original intent, we will be soon announcing two special product lines which fit into this category.
David Smith, our esteemed webmaster, is hard at work creating the new page on PPP's site. When that is finished, several new forums associated with this thrust will be created, the main one being Art & Antiquities.
This forum will become a general discussion area for projects which PPP's customers would like to see from the "Vault," and most of these will be listed here with a descriptor rather than creating different forums and categories for them.
Products which are scheduled for print from this "pool" will therafter be moved to the PPP category, as with ToB and Cairn, etc.
Art and Antiquities will be the specific area for discussing specific products in print and scheduled for release from the new product line(s) pool.
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